Monday, 15 July 2013

How do you fancy an alcohol free bar?

An alcohol-free bar is to open in the capital in an effort to persuade Londoners that they do not need to drink in order to have fun.

Instead of beer, wine or spirits, Redemption will serve “mocktails” and drinks such as hibiscus iced tea, alongside a “healthy” food menu devised by a nutritionist.

The drinks list will also feature detox teas, cocotinis — a martini-style drink made from coconut water — and “superfruit”-infused cocktails. There will be DJs and live performances to give the bar a “going out” feel.

The first branch is to launch as a weekly rooftop pop-up at Netil 360 in Bethnal Green on Sunday July 21, before moving to the Trellick Tower in Westbourne Park.

Founder and owner Catherine Salway said she came up with the idea for Redemption after realising there was a shortage of alcohol-free options in London. She said the aim was to offer people a fun place to go out and socialise without being tempted to drink alcohol.

Salway, 39, who worked for Virgin before deciding to become an entrepreneur, said: “I was looking for a socially responsible idea, something that would challenge convention. An ex-boyfriend who has a bad relationship with alcohol wanted to meet up one evening in London, somewhere without the temptation of booze. We couldn’t think of anywhere at all.”

She added: “It might not be your first choice for a Christmas party but I think it’s a great alternative. You can’t even go to the cinema now without contemplating a glass of wine, but if you remove it entirely  it will free people up.”

Netil House, 1-7 Westgate Street, E8 3RL, from Sun Jul 21,

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