Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Cool coffee anyone!!

During the heatwave the last thing I wanted to have was hot coffee.  I saw lots of people coming out of coffee shops with iced lattes and all sorts of coffees that I would never know how to ask for!!  I am good old plain latte girl. 

I have found some places below that are well known for their Iced Lattes and Chai's etc.  Enjoy for the heatwave that is coming at the end end of the week again for a couple of days. 


Miss Jones


Vagabond N7

This strong latte with plenty of creamy froth is made with a blend of three beans.
£2.50, 105 Holloway Road, N7, on Twitter @VagabondN7

Addie’s Thai

A sweet, spicy concoction made with cardamom pods. Cream is optional.
£3.50, 121 Earl’s Court Road, SW5, addiesthai.co.uk

Allpress Roastery Café

No frills, just a bracing double shot of their finest espresso and the milk and sugar combo of your choice.
£2.90, 58 Redchurch Street, E2, allpressespresso.com

Flat White

Cold, creamy and slightly chocolatey but with enough of a kick to get your day started. Add ice-cream for a treat.
£3.50, 17 Berwick Street, W1, flatwhitecafe.com


Their cold brew is slow infused for up to 16 hours giving wonderfully clean and intense flavours. Great with or without milk.
£2.40, 61-67 Old Street, EC1, timberyardlondon.com

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