Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Are you in a Sleepy City or a Sleep Deprived City?

My bed is my favourite place to be although London is at the top of the list for being a city that is sleep deprived!!  To be honest I am not that surprised.  Especially when my local council decided to re tarmac the road outside my flat from 8pm to 5am...  Wonderful peaceful sleep out of the window for me.....   

There must be something in the water, as Swansea, Inverness, Hull and Bath have been revealed as the sleepiest (laziest?) cities in the UK.

People in the Welsh city get more sleep than anywhere else in the country, while Londoners enjoy the least.

While Swansea residents top the sleep charts, people in Inverness head to bed the earliest, at 9.35pm, with London the city most likely to never sleep… until 11.27pm at least.

People in Bath reported having the best night of sleep meanwhile, with 64 per cent rating their 8.7 hours as ‘very good’.

Jed MacEwan, managing director of memory foam mattress firm Ergoflex UK, which commissioned the survey, said: ‘Sleep is something that unites us all as a nation, but we wanted to look into the bedtime habits that made us different from region to region; exposing those of us who love our sleep, and those who put it on the back burner.

‘Our results show that not all of us are getting our recommended eight hours per night, with Londoners taking the hardest hit, and there definitely seems to be a correlation between bustling cities and a lack of sleep.’

Top ten ‘sleepiest’ British cities (average hours of sleep per night)

1 Swansea (9.2 hours)

2 Inverness (9.1 hours)

3 Hull (8.9 hours)

4 Bath (8.7 hours)

5 Exeter (8.5 hours)

6 Hereford (8.5 hours)

7 York (8.3 hours)

8 Carlisle (8.2 hours)

9 Plymouth (8.2 hours)

10 Cardiff (8.1 hours)

Top ten sleep-deprived British cities (average hours of sleep per night)

1 London (6.3 hours)

2 Manchester (6.7 hours)

3 Liverpool (6.7 hours)

4 Newcastle (7 hours)

5 Bristol (7.1 hours)

6 Cambridge (7.1 hours)

7 Glasgow (7.2 hours)

8 Leeds (7.3 hours)

9 Edinburgh (7.4 hours)

10 Oxford (7.4 hours)

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