Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Miss Jones gets a Rabbit (A Real One)

I was at the Hay-on-Wye Literature festival and after a whole weekend of looking at books we decided to stop by a pet shop.

I have been stopping by pet shops for the last year so my friend who was with me just thought I was doing another random stop.  However,  25 minutes later I walked out with a rabbit.  This is how it happened:
We walked into the pet shop and I quickly located the rabbits, there was only two but one was very small, a mixture of grey and white.  As soon as I walked over to the hut it came upto me and put his nose out.  That was it…I had to have it. 

I then spent the next 23 minutes choosing all the items for him.  We heard from the assistant that he was eight weeks old and had been the runt of the litter.  I then loved him even more.  We decided we couldn’t get a hutch there as we wouldn’t be able to drive the hutch back to London in a mini, so we got a little cat basket to transport him.  We also brought hay, food, toys, etc.  It is quite remarkable how many accessories you can buy for a rabbit.  I got back to London on Sunday night with a new member of my household.  We let him run around my bedroom for most of the night (luckily I have wooden floors) and then we put him into his temporary cage.  At 6am I woke up to frantic scurrying, it was the rabbit!  I let the rabbit out in my bathroom so that it could run around and I could go back to sleep.

That evening I went straight out to buy a hutch!

Miss Jones xx

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