Sunday, 12 May 2013

Walk the Walk 2013

The 11th of May came so quickly.  We were only talking about doing Walk the Walk in March.  Where does time go?  

The Mason Arms at Battersea Park was our starting point not for a glass of vino but a place to meet!!  Sarah, Suzanne, Jasmine, Lindy, Ross, Stuart and myself got ourselves ready, bras on (including the boys) and going through the route map.  Time to leave the pub and head off for the start of the night. 

We got to Moonwalk City at Battersea Power station and enjoyed some salads and tea etc. It was exciting to see Jennifer Saunders with her team all raring to go. We also had time for a press shoot which made us all feel very Hollywood with flashes going off everywhere. Suzanne then had the photographers all to herself for the amazing feat she was doing with us. Suzanne was diagnosed with Breast Cancer last year. It was lovely to see Jennifer Saunders there with her team who were off to walk the half marathon as well. 

Suddenly it was time to go to the start line.  We were out with the first batch of walkers so we got a good start.  There was laughter, cheers and lots of people there to cheer us on which was lovely. We started out the night all walking together and having fun.  We walked up towards Vauxhall and over the bridge and then looped back to Battersea Park and through the park.  This was the first toilet stop!!  We also took the time to have a bit of a stretch. 

We then walked over Chelsea Bridge, up Sloane Avenue and onto the Kings Road.  All the nightclubs in the Kings Road where coming out and cheering all the walkers on which was a great laugh.  It was then down the Kings Road and off up towards South Kensington.  This is where we then realised that we had hit mile 5 and this was also the time that the hips started to ache!  We were all feeling a bit tired at this point and you could feel it in the crowd as everyone was getting quieter.  

After South Ken it was up towards Knightsbridge and down towards High Street Ken, up Kensington Church Street and onto Bayswater Road.  This is where we got to mile 8 and 9.  Not that long until we were going to hit Marble Arch and once there we knew that it was the start to the end. 

You really think that 13 miles is not that far, believe you me it is.  Your feet start to ache and you really have to start focusing on getting to the end.  You start to get sleepy and this is the time when you have to have nuts and some chocolate to keep the energy up.  The one thing that was so great about our team was that if some of us were out in front we would hold back and wait for the others to catch up so that we could all be together..  

Suddenly we were at Marble Arch and knew it was not that far to go.  There was the chance for a another toilet stop but some of us decided to keep going.  Down Park Lane, hitting Knightsbridge, down Sloane Street, Battersea Bridge and then only 10 minutes away from the finish line.  It was a great feeling.  It was so cold by then and it was time for the foil blanket to come out.  Our hands and feet were getting very cold and it was time for a cup of tea.  The finish line was in reach and so was a steaming hot cup of tea!!  

5 more minutes and we were going to be there. A feeling of relief, happiness and tears came all at once. We did it.  It was an incredible feeling that we had walked 13 miles. 

There was the finish line and it was just over 4 and a half hours since we started on the journey together.  Sarah, Ross and Stuart finished first, I came in and then the wonderful Suzanne, Lindy and Jasmine came over the finish line.  There were tears and hugs and shouts of we did it from us all when we met in the Moon City tent for a large cup of tea and some food.  It was the perfect end. 

Well done to all of the Miss Jones team who achieved the walk and got their medals. It was a great night and one that I will not forget in a hurry.  Today we all have aching hips and feet and I think I can say for everyone, we would not have it any other way. 

A huge well done to all the walkers that were out raising money for a superb cause. 

If you want to donate, you can by clicking here  Anything you can give would be gratefully received. 


Miss Jones xx 

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