Monday, 20 May 2013

Juicing or Eating that is the question...

As you can imagine in our office there are quite a few women and we are always talking about different eating plans that we are trying (ok, Diets for a better use of the word) and the latest one that seems to have come back is the Juicing diet.  How many of you juice? In our office it is quite a few and everyone is enjoying it.

I am hearing more and more about people going on a juice detox for a week or so.  I am not so sure if I could just drink juices for a whole week.  I really do need to eat and have the whole process of having something to eat, rather than just juices.  They do not seem that filling.

I have friends who swear by juicing and also by doing the 5-2 eating plan which is the fasting one.  Have any of you tried it and if so, what do you think? I have to say a friend of mine has done it and swears by it.

So out of you all, what do you prefer when you are trying to loose a few pounds for the summer or for that special occasion.  Do you prefer to just do juices or do a protein eating plan or a fasting plan.  I am really intrigued to find out what you do. Drop me an e mail at to let me know.....

Have a great Monday.


Miss Jones xx

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