Friday, 3 May 2013

Annabel's - Stylish and sophisticated on Berkeley Square

Last night I was at a birthday party at Annabel's on Berkeley Square.  What a stunning venue.  When I arrived I sneakily changed my shoes out side from my converse to my high heels. I really could not walk into Annabel's with my Converse on with a gold sparkly dress!

The staff are so welcoming and instantly make you feel relaxed. I was whisked into the party and a glass of champagne was put into my hand (my idea of heaven!).  The decor of Annabel's is 70's retro and you feel instantly at ease and relaxed in the surroundings.

After meeting and chatting to lots of lovely people we were taken through to the private dining room.  This dining room is incredible.  It is a wine cellar.  There are bottles of wine from the floor all the way up to the ceiling. Yes, we did start to count them!!  The table in the private dining room holds about 20 people and it is the perfect table to be able to talk to people across from you and next to you. You don't have to shout which always helps!.

The food was delicious and the wine was perfect.  Everyone was moving around the table and chatting which is always the sign of a perfect party.

The one thing I loved about Annabel's is that it is a club as well.  We could hear the music and it was nice to be away from it and be able to go and have a dance if you wanted to and then come back to a lovely room.  To me that is perfection.

All too soon it was time for this Cinderella to take her heels off and put her Converse back on and head home.  The doormen made sure I had a carriage to take me into the night and to my bed!

Happy Bank Holiday and hope you all have a restful one.


Miss Jones xx

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