Friday, 26 April 2013

Miss Jones goes all Classical!

Last night I was at the Classical FM Concert at the Royal Albert Hall.

Classical music is one of my guilty pleasures.  I love lots of music and it really is anything from Metallica to Vivaldi.

It was such a lovely evening we popped over to Kensington Gardens with a little wine, sandwiches and choccies before the night started.  We wandered over to the Albert Hall at about 7pm all ready for a night of calm and relaxing classical music.

WOW what a night.  The Philharmonia Orchestra, Amy Dickenson, a hugely talented saxaphonist, Jennifer Pike (incredible violinist), Amore and the legendary Man with the Golden Flute, Sir James Galway. A night of the best of British talent in the Classical music arena.

We did think that the guitarist Milos Karadaglic added a bit of spice to the evening and he is one of the greatest classical guitarists I have ever heard play.

They ended the night with the 1812 Symphony and fireworks.  It was a beautiful evening.  Thank you to Classical FM for making my night a pure celebration of classical music.

Have a great weekend everyone.


Miss Jones xx

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