Thursday, 11 April 2013

Miss Jones gets her nails done...

After a very long journey yesterday morning which involved getting up at 6 in the morning (another ungodly hour even the birds weren't up!), a two hour drive to Salzburg Airport, an awful 2 hour Ryan Air flight (they're even worse than Easy Jet) and a two hour slog on the M25 from Stanstead to Ashtead my mum and I felt that we were in need of some serious pampering. 

So yesterday afternoon we headed to the swankiest, most luxurious nail salon in Leatherhead - I think not! Lets just say it was not the nicest nail salon in the world but hey it was cheap we got a manicure for £10 each! The service was rather appalling and we were left with our nails 'drying' for a very long and boring twenty minutes. Despite this I have to say my nails look rather lovely in very fetching bright pink! 

Not satisfied with just our nails being done we then moved on to Ashtead's finest spa: Ashtead Health and Beauty and had a very painful half an hour of eyebrow waxing and plucking until our eyes watered! The beauty therapist just kept repeating it's painful being beautiful, yes it bloomin is! But again it was all worth it as my eyebrows are very shapely and gorgeous now! 

After a day of travelling and pampering its safe to say I slept soundly last night!

Miss Jones xx

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