Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Leaving Austria behind.....

Yesterday was my last day in the beautiful alps and I am very sad to have left. Back to reality and the hustle and bustle of London! My last day was eventful, I spent the morning shopping in the one and only clothes shop in the nearest town but I managed to pick up a few bargains and spent my €5 winnings very well! In the afternoon I went on a cycle ride to a Lake just down the valley, getting there was a breeze - it was all downhill! Getting back was a challenge and involved a lot of huffing and puffing!

As someone who likes lists I thought I would list out my favourite things about my trip to Austria!

1. The fresh air and gorgeous mountains are certainly a reason that everyone must visit Austria. The scenery is breathtaking; you could see the same mountain a hundred times and still be impressed. And of course the fresh air is wonderful, it feels so healthy and clean compared to our English polluted air, my lungs enjoyed the vacation!

2. Delicious Austrian food is certainly a fav! I definitely ate far too much whilst I was away but it was too yummy to pass up: I had plenty of Milka, Wiener schnitzel, numerous hot chocolates, kaiserschmarrn (an Austrian dish consisting of thick chopped up pancake served with apple mousse), a few sausages here and there and Tiroler Grostl (another local delicacy - chopped pan fried potatoes with thinly sliced beef and an egg on top - divine!)

3. It was wonderful to have a break from technology and Facebook, twitter, emails, my phone and the television. It felt like such a luxury to sit back and read my book or actually get off my backside to go out in the fresh air and do things!

4. The Austrian villages are so lovely and quaint all the houses look like they're from a picture book and it almost feels like you have gone back in time or are part of a fairy tale. 

5. Skiing was also rather fun although next time I'm going to have a lesson, preferably with a lovely young (male) ski instructor!

So if you are able to I would definitely recommend a visit to Austria, it is a really beautiful place. I will definitely be back here soon to visit my Grandparents and will tell you all about it when I return!

Miss Jones xx

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