Saturday, 16 March 2013

Miss Jones pops on her red nose...

Last night was one of my favourites; every year I look forward to Red Nose Day and curling up with a good old takeaway and a bottle of wine to watch Comic Relief.

Last night was a particularly special event, it marked 25 years of Comic Relief and my my what an achievement it has been. This year claimed to be EVEN BETTER and it was - so far it's pulled in over £75 million from fundraising, and generous donations - a record amount. It had top stars doing crazy things for charity Jessie J shaved her head live on TV, Peter Kay crossed the country, Miranda Hart organised a couple's real wedding in 1 day. And of course our boys One Direction performed their red nose day single and visited children and hospitals in Africa. And in true comic relief style we had some amazing comedy sketches - Simon Cowell's wedding, One Born Every Minute meets Call The Midwife, the hilarious return of David Brent and the Vicar of Dibley, all urging people to donate to the worthy cause.

But of course we were reminded of the true reason behind Comic Relief and shown some very harrowing video clips of children in Africa and charities across the UK. I urge everyone to donate - you still can - and there is definitely a real trust with Comic Relief that 100% of the proceeds go to the charities so we truly can make a difference.

Whilst watching I felt a huge sense of pride to be part of this amazing event and to be part of Great Britain. As far as I am aware other countries don't go to such amazing extents to raise money for chairty, it truly is inspiring.

You can donate here:, even it if is just a couple of pounds GO FOR IT!

Miss Jones xx

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