Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Miss Jones's trip to Kensington Palace

Saturday was cold wasn't it? 

It was a day where outfit layering was essential and we all had to pull out those fluffy winter scarves and gloves again. It was a struggle to muster up the willpower to leave my cosy flat and explore a new area of London. But after a bit of persuasion I put my vest, earmuffs and Uggs on and was out the door. 

We decided to go somewhere indoor to try to avoid the icy wind and flutterings of snow and we opted for Kensington Palace. 

It costs £15 for an adult ticket to look around the palace, this seemed to be pretty steep, especially with all the free museums so close by. But I think it was worth it, the palace was beautiful. 

We explored the Queen's State Apartments first which were set up in a very magical and theatrical way to help you imagine you were seeing the history unfold through Prince William's eyes (not our Prince Will, a William from the 19th century). 

It felt like a fairytale castle with boats in glass bottles, bird cages, dreams projected onto the ceilings, hundreds of little dolls houses and much more. This worked really well and actually made you take in the history behind what you were seeing. 

We also looked round the King's State Apartments, of course, and this section was very grand and stately with lots of costumes and paintings, not my cup of tea but magnificent never the less.

My favourite part of the palace was the section on Queen Victoria which displayed her wedding dress, letters exchanged between her and Alfred, her children's toys, pictures of her pets and many other treasured artefacts. For me it was wonderful, it put Queen Victoria in a completely different light portraying her as a more soft and emotional woman rather than the hard and stern queen that we were all taught about at school. 

I will definitely be going back, most likely in the spring, when the beautiful gardens will be looking their best. Plus this summer they are opening a new exhibition based on the modern royals....Will and Kate here I come!

Miss Jones xx

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