Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Miss Jones Top 5 places for a hot chocolate

These are the days of running nose, feet become ice cubes and your deepest wish is to have a handy heater which you can carry wherever you go. I haven't found such a heater that I can carry around in my handbag - have you? And to be honest, I prefer the high calorie version to limber up: a delicious and creamy hot chocolate crowned with whipped cream... yummy! There are so many cafés in London where you can just drop in to escape the cold. Here my top 5 places for London's best tasting hot chocolates.  

Enjoy you're warming hot chocolate at...

1. Choccoywoccydoodah

There's very little that isn't gilt, gothic, covered in beads or fringing, flower-shaped or painted red in this exuberant cake shop and café. Your hot chocolate comes topped with whipped cream, large pink marshmellows, a dusting of cocoa and even a magic wand or curled chocolate. Enjoying this incredible version of a hot chocolate makes you feel like in Charlies Chocolate Factory...but actually you will find Choccoywoccydoodah in central London, 30-32 Foubert's Place, W1F 7PS, www.choccywoccydoodah.com

2. Konditor & Cook

Don't be fooled by the plastic milk bottles used to store Konditor & Cook's hot chocolate. I can assure you, that it's made fresh on site every day to a recipe that would make the Sugar Plum Fairy swoon. Containing double cream, full-fat milk, vanilla pods and two types of Callebaut chocolate make this discernibly luxurious responsible for its grandiose taste. Go to The Gerkin, 30 St Mary Axe, EC3A 8BF, www.konditorandcook.com

3. Paul A Young

A pot of purple-brown liquid bubbles in the window of this esteemed chocolate boutique. The absence of diary lets you mainline on the deep, characterful, floral flavour. Alternatively, you can add a spice or two from a provided selection. I would advise black cardamom...but make your own choice and find Paul A Young in 143 Wardour Street, W1F 8WA, www.paulayoung.co.uk

4. Ruby Violet

In the north of London, there you find a charming parlour, where hot drinks are taken as seriously as the superb ices. Thick, intense shots of delectable hot chocolate made by the Callebaut. Find your way to 118 Fortess Road, NW5 2HL, www.rubyviolet.co.uk

5. Rococo 

Have you had a look at our Gift Concierge Service on Miss Jones PA website? If not, you are missing out on a wonderful chocolate boutique. If you have visited us you would know the chocolate shop located in the west of London.  May I present to you my favourite boutique Rococo? Drop in for a delicious milky choco-latte and add some espresso-style shots. Visit 5 Motcomb St, SW1X 8JU, www.rococochocolates.com 

Let's stand this cold and rainy weather together! Enjoy your hot chocolate before spring comes...

Miss Jones xx

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