Friday, 8 February 2013

Miss Jones Relaxation Tips

Exhausted, drained, or just overwhelmed?  If your answer is YES or you feel like shouting at the moon, then why not try Miss Jones’ tried and tested (yes we have tough days too!) top five relaxation techniques. 

Take a Bubble Bath

Yes we know, very obvious yet often overlooked.   The trick is to pimp your bathing experience using mood enhancing essential oils such as Lavender or Chamomile which will calm your senses and nerves.  Add a tablespoon  of milk with your essential oils to bathe like Cleopatra and of course don’t forget to dim the lights and get the candles going to create a cosy atmosphere.

Rediscover Classical Music

Music can be very effective in helping create a state of relaxation.  If classical music is not your thing, start gently by downloading something popular that you will recognise for example Boccherini: String Quintet E, Op 13, No. 5 or Samuel Barber’s Adagio for Strings.  

Work Out

If you cannot afford a gym membership, or the mere thought of sweating publicly brings you out in hives, simple exercises at home (you will find them in lots of magazines) are a cost-effective yet impactful way to alleviate work related stress.  A short ride on a bike or walking home is just as effective.  Perhaps now is the time to try out a Boris Bike…

Enjoy a Massage

Massage therapy not only relaxes muscles and relieves stress, but it can help reduce pain, reduce blood pressure and boost the immune system. As if this is not enough to convince you to check out the Miss Jones Spa Partners, massage has also been shown to reduce pain associated with several conditions such as lower back discomfort, migraines and arthritis.
Read a Book

Miss Jones likes books but couldn’t eat a whole one in an evening!  Make time in the week to  switch off and escape to another world that is unaided by television and movies.  Check out the new Miss Jones Book Club if you need ideas for what to read, or better still, share your own book review with us in our Chit Chat section on the website.  One other thing…remember to turn off your mobile phone for complete peace.

At the end of the day, the above is not rocket science it’s just that sometimes we get so bogged down in the here and now, we forget to do basic and inexpensive things that can help us face the rest of the week.


Miss Jones xx

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