Monday, 18 February 2013

DAKS London Fashion Week, Saturday 16th February 2013

On Saturday at 9am I crawled out of bed and made my way to Somerset House to watch the DAKS fashion show for LFW. This being my first fashion show experience I wasn't really sure what to expect (or what to wear!). Somerset House was buzzing with all sorts of people in all sorts of outfits and the DAKS tent was full to the brim with photographers, journalists, bloggers and we were lucky to find a seat.

Watching the show was mesmerising, the models sailed down the catwalk towards the flashing mob of cameras, their hair was parted down the middle and straightened to perfection - they all looked super slick. The outfits were gorgeous; colours of black, charcoal, olive, deep reds and navies were predominant. The show had a real masculine feel with lots of angular jumpsuits, oversized coats, cropped, panelled jackets, A line skirts and cropped trousers. The outfits were folded, layered and draped over the models to create different shapes and angles.

The collection was inspired by Charlotte Rampling who is described as having a 'sophisticated, effortless and sometimes androgynous style' the palette was inspired by a graphic designer Ashley Havinden whose designs also influenced the DAKs logo in the 1930s.

It felt like the show was over far too soon, I am now a fashion junkie and was eager to see more but unfortunately that was it for this time. But I was able to stick around and take in all the fabulous and unusual outfits that were wandering around Somerset House whilst sipping on a yummy cup of tea.

By Sarah Ashe 

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