Thursday, 15 March 2012

Think Possible - Anatomy in Motion (this is a read you do not want to miss)

A very kind friend of mine recently introduced me to Oliver Dudley (who owns Think Possible) to have a chat about taking our brilliant PAs up Kilimanjaro in July. I was thinking that our group could benefit from a bit of motivation and some training days before our climb.

Think Possible is all about expanding your possibilities and achieving your potential. Whether it be shifting some extra pounds or running marathons (I am thinking about it!) Think Possible can help your physical journey and mind set. It is all in the title. If you think possible it will be possible! Oliver himself has done some pretty incredible things. One of them being the worlds first attempt to do 7in7on. This is 7 ultra marathons (50km) in 7 consecutive days on all 7 continents starting in Antartica. I hasten to add that Oliver was a novice runner who was injured and he used (discovered) AiM to heal his ripped groin and twisted spine, recovering in only a few weeks, which allowed him to get the start and finish line. Yup, one determined guy.

Oliver and I chatted about the climb and I also mentioned the problem that Lomax Bespoke Fitness had found with my knee. Now for those of you who know me, you will know that the gym is not the first love of my life and I do struggle to fit the gym and my lovely trainer Warwick in.

Oliver then told me about Anatomy in Motion which is all about finding your centre by exploring the outer reaches of your capabilities. It is sometimes hard having to return to full mobility, overcoming (sometimes) years of pain, defeating physical limitations and breaking through the barriers that hold you back. The human body knows how to heal itself… it just needs a little encouragement. Oliver then very kindly offered to arrange a meeting with David who is Think Possible's guru on AiM. I was looking forward to trying something else, other than the gym.

David (who looks like a young Robert Redford!) arrived at my door on a cold and gloomy Tuesday morning and I really did not know what to expect. We had a chat about what my main problem was with my right knee etc. I explained that the muscle from my hip to my knee seemed to be impacted and restricting movement for me when I was at the gym. My poor trainer, Warwick had seen me in tears a few days before on the foam roller!! Not a pretty sight I can tell you...

David then asked me to stand in front of him and within a couple of minutes he informed that my body leans slightly to the right and this due to right shift in my pelvis. David explained that this shift is creating excess length and tension down the right hand side of my body, predominantly in the lateral aspect of my right leg. Apparently this pelvic shift is accompanied by an increase in pressure through the right foot all of which means the left hand side is not doing enough to help out. I was pretty pleased that he did see something and I was not just being a hypochondriac or a drama queen! I knew myself that there was a big change from when I had previously climbed Kilimanjaro 6 years ago. I was even struggling with Bikram Yoga and that is not good.

We then started on the exercises to get my left foot to accept weight and get the left hip to be comfortable with adduction. I was blown away by how quickly I felt the change. Within 30 minutes of doing the exercises I could feel a huge change and I actually began to feel as if my body was beginning to become centred again.

I have been keeping up the exercises every day (much to my amazement) and I can feel a huge difference and I am really shocked how simple exercises can make such a difference. This really is something that you can do anywhere. You do not have to be in a gym. You can be in your own sitting room or bedroom. I can be sceptical but I have to say that this has me converted. I was a bit achey the next day but it was great to feel aches in the left hand side and not the right!!

It is with all thanks to David (the young Robert Redford) and Oliver Dudley at Think Possible that I may be springing up Kilimanjaro like a gazelle.... OK maybe not quite like a gazelle but miracles can happen.

One thing that I am learning at the moment is that anything is possible. Set your mind to it and it can be achieved.

If you would like to try AiM, then please contact the team at Think Possible at

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