Wednesday, 30 November 2011

What has Miss Jones been up to?

Sunday night at 6pm, I found myself ironing in my pyjamas pondering the week ahead, having triple-booked myself Thursday evening I started to think about how hard can it be to clone myself…? Is it really that difficult?? I have 5 clients and have been doing lots of extra-curricular activities over the last month and am now spent. I have been stretched in every direction and am so happy to have made it to December with nothing much on my plate now (apart from that small event ‘Christmas’ of course!) to deal with.

I’m not after a prize for being a hero but as I work so closely with my clients in their homes I can’t have someone to just run down and do something for me, it’s not as simple as that so I need to do it all myself which is usually fine unless I decide to throw something else into the mix… which this month has included the Mayfair PA of the Year Awards at The Mayfair Hotel which was a fabulous evening; free-flowing vodka cocktails, awards a-plenty and dancing to Lance Ellington and his band. (Thankfully my Lulu Guinness Fifi calfskin clutch survived the night and cab journey too, although my feet after prising my Sergio Rossi wedges off were a different matter!)

It’s also the time of year where we get a sneak peak ahead to Spring Summer of next year too, I’ve had a taster of beautiful duck egg blues, golds and creams at Lulu Guinness, truly gorgeous lace dresses at Reiss and as ever amazing patents and pastels at Kurt Geiger, with some truly fabulous sunglasses.

Then last Friday was a lunch at Dukes Hotel to hear Jo Malone talk about where and how she started and to introduce us to her new fragrance line ‘JO LOVES’. Talk about inspiring and motivating and an all round fabulous down to earth person, I came out wanted to take on the world and feeling confident that I could – not to mention that I now smelt incredible!

This week has included the Royal Premiere of HUGO (fantastic effects, brilliant film), new car tyres (oh yes!), a Christmas party at The Mayfair Hotel (too much champagne but shouldn’t complain…), fixing internet problems, fridge angst – uninstalling old and installing new… builders who don’t want to finish work they started and I’m trying to start my Christmas shopping!

Have a great rest of the week,


Miss Jones x

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