Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Need to find a great speaker for an event....

How many times have you been asked to find a really good after dinner speaker and as most of us know, it usually has to be in the form of sport!

Yes, you guessed it, Miss Jones has the answer! I have been chatting to Matt Jones who is the Managing Director and there are lots of things that they can do.

GamePlan Solutions is a talent management agency managing a collection of high profile and popular sport and entertainment personalities. Should you be organizing an event and want to build in a star name to help proceedings go with a bang, GPS has the experience to deliver. Leadership speakers, entertaining afterdinner talks, ice skating with rugby world cup winner, Kyran Bracken, tennis with Pat Cash, rowing with an Olympic gold medal are just some of the things that are possible. / 07713 68 44 29

I know I do not need to remind you all but as always remember to mention Miss Jones if you contact Matt so he knows where the enquiry has come from.

Have a great rest of your week and enjoy the sunshine!


Henrietta x

Miss Jones

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