Friday, 8 April 2011

A crease free existence by Nooshin

The ‘Capitana’ range, one of Holland and Sherry’s most recent Spring/summer bunches, arrived on my desk last month.

I’m not normally a fan of man-made fibres and since starting my tailoring career, have always favoured natural weaves. This however, really is something not to be missed. For ladies on the move hot footing it around the city, or those spending time at their desks or entertaining in the evenings, this fabric is certainly worth a look.

Its blend - most part wool, polyester and a dash of cashmere for good measure, make it the ultimate choice for professional ladies. The natural fibres including cashmere introduce that touch of luxury we are all looking for in our garments, and give it the ‘look’ you only get using quality wools. Supported with a good dose of Polyester, this fabric has the longevity and will certainly go that extra mile for you....what’s more, the colour selection is pretty impressive using coloured stripes and subtle tones which make it perfect for this time of year.

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