Monday, 14 February 2011

What do you do for yourself?

It’s crazy how we all run around like headless chickens trying to catch up with ourselves, trying to squeeze so much into our days; breakfast meetings, lunches, drinks, dinners, fitting in friends, family, theatre, movies, and then somebody says ‘but what do you do for yourself?’ And it’s true, when you sit down and think about it, what do you do for yourself? We spend so much time trying to keep up with our relationships and running around for our bosses trying to do the best job we can that there sometimes isn’t a lot of time left for ‘us’.

I’m not super high-maintenance (what’s a Brazilian permanent blow dry and eyelash extensions between friends) and I’m not talking about a spa day once a month (oh, but there’s a dream…) but I do like to have my nails, hair and eyelashes looked after. It makes me feel more professional and confident in myself and in turn the way I present myself for work. (Although it has happened that I’ve squeezed in an appointment between clients to then find myself in their loft digging out luggage…) And I’m very loyal to the salons that I go to too so when my hairdresser of five years recently moved out of town I was devastated. I don’t trust anyone else with my cut and colour, it’s funny isn’t it how when you find someone you trust you don’t want to let them go? I feel bereft without her and now travel 20 miles every six weeks to get coiffured. It is almost as though we’ve been having a relationship for the last half a decade and that maybe she’s trying to break up with me by moving away but I’m completely in denial and keep going back to her.

Although I will confess I have spread myself around a bit on the blow-dry scene, I go flippantly from one to another, not making any long-standing associations, kind of like a ‘one blow-dry stand’, and I haven’t been satisfied with any of them, it’s just not the same as with my ‘long term’ stylist, she knows me and she knows my mane.

However, after saying all of that, I am considering investing in some serious ‘me’ time at the incredibly decadent (but necessary) Spa at the Dorchester. And I hear wonders about the Royston Blythe team, would love to let them loose on my locks…

If we don’t look after ourselves who will?

Have a great week


Miss Jones x

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