Tuesday, 8 February 2011

So many great films and not enough time!

So many great movies to see all of a sudden, like buses aren’t they, a dearth and then not enough nights in the week to fit them all in?

However, fortunately my blackberry wasn’t going too wild last weekend so I fitted in Black Swan and The King’s Speech, both BRILLIANT. Though, as I’m always fashion inspired by TV and Film, I’m now torn between cashmere wraps and toile skirts (not a la Big Fat Gypsy Weddings I hasten to add) and tweed suits with fur collars…. Neither useful in the workplace…but with both movies up for all the awards until the end of February we may as well embrace the look while we can.

Went to the Wolseley for Sunday brunch, as ever, delicious eggs Florentine with a Bloody Mary, then got lumbered with babysitting a 4 year old, eek! Being in the West End I had to think fast and discovered the delights of Hamley’s (wait for it), who have a nail bar for girls run by Tantrum; so fabulous, we were there for half an hour, and the 4 year old couldn’t move the whole time for fear of smudging her nails (rainbow stripes). If you’re ever down on a clients’ nanny I definitely recommend it, and you can get coffee on the fifth floor.

Found myself in Selfridges Monday, running client errands, although en route to women’s second floor personal shopping I did find myself in the shoe gallery. It really is as I imagine heaven would be; beautiful, mesmerizing, hypnotic and with a café, the most perfect place…. The Wonder Bar on the ground floor within the Wonder room is also a great place to meet, with a fantastic wine menu, light bites and it opens at 11am so a great location for an early lunch. On the premise of ‘client errands’ obviously…

I was really looking forward to the launch of Sky Atlantic last week to watch all those wonderful HBO series we usually just get to read about here in the UK but I’m doomed, I’m a Virgin Media customer so I’m not going to be able to join in with the Boardwalk Empire conversations for AGES. I do sometimes get to housesit for clients though if they are away working for months at a time, and I think I’ll be encouraging it at the moment as they all have Sky!

So, busy week ahead; BAFTA’s looming, packing up a clients house before refurbishment, need to get PC contacts converted to new Macbook and track down Take That tickets for Wembley.

Have a great week,


Miss Jones x

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