Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Miss Jones at work...

Good afternoon!!!!

Miss Jones has been working hard for many years and has seen it all!

So today I am sharing some hints and tips for all you ladies to get ahead in the workplace...

Our appearance at work can be cause for great confidence but we have to tread lightly. Focus more on grace and dignity rather than looking appealing to your love interest in office this can help you overcome the fine line between what your co-workers may consider either a sexy distraction or an elegant contribution.

Be prepared at all times and be willing to roll your sleeves up! It’s all very nice to be doing the stuff you enjoy and have worked all those years in education to achieve but you need to be willing to do the dirty work too!

Some women feel by becoming good friends with the men in the company that they will reach higher levels within their job.  But a member that truly deserves respect and has what it takes to be an influential voice and perhaps even a leader is a member that knows to respect and value all of the other members on his or her team. Make friends with men and women alike not only will you gain respect but also be better connected.

This may be more relevant for young female employees, but I’ve noticed that many friends of mine, many of my interns and many of my co-workers habitually use rhetoric that lacks certainty and expresses doubt and second-guessing. Work on not using words that express doubt or uncertainty. Also, try and use fewer words that could be considered intimate or emotional, such as “feeling” or “hoping”. Now, before I ruffle any feathers, my point is not that you should try and sound like your male co-workers. But I do want to point out that you may be able to pick up some tips from them that can help you establish yourself and provoke more action in the people that you’re working with. Like tone of voice, body language and other cues, certain types of rhetoric will elicit different responses from your audience.

My dad always told me that I should always work to be twice as good as my male counterpart. And though it should never be a competition, if it has to be you need to make sure that you know your stuff and remember these three things. Your best weapon is your ability to contribute more to the team than your competition can. Knowing your stuff keeps you at the table, in the discussion and gives you influence.

Don't work too hard ladies!!

Miss Jones 


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