Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How to take it easy on your emoticon language....

Happy mid week!!

I hope you are all well and having a great week so far.  A glorious day again although make the most of it as we will be heading towards rain for the weekend. Sorry to spoil it!

Do you get text messages from friends with lots of smiley faces, hearts, thumbs up etc?  Do you know how to send them a message back with lots of emoticons (they are called sticker packs!!)?  I only discovered them recently and have to say they are fun, although I do not load my messages with them as I think that there is an etiquette to use them.

How do you use them? I have put in some tips below for you to have a look at and I hope you have fun with your sticker packs!!!  If you have them.

Happy Wednesday


Miss Jones xx

Be in touch with your feelings

Think hard about your mood and study the sticker packs with care. There truly is a cartoon to express every type of sentiment and explain almost every possible life scenario. One amusing blog has been dedicated to imagining exactly what a number of the “stickers” are designed to express. It suggests, for example, that the screaming pink blob on the previous page explains, “I am having a herpes outbreak due to stress right now.”

Check your tone

The idea of using an emoticon may make you feel like that vomiting green face, but these little images do actually have a use. There are different styles of text-communications the expressive, “OMG!! I would SO love to come round for dinner. Totes amaze!!” and the more brief, “Yes, sounds good,” sort. I subscribe to the latter — the abruptness of which, without tone, can risk sounding rude. I have succumbed in the past to writing :-( after “Sorry, can’t,” just to ensure no offence is taken. Just think how much more reassured my friends would feel that I don’t hate them if I included a picture of a crying cat.

Know your age

Some grown-ups I know hate emoticons so much they have a name for any fellow adult who uses them. You’re an emotic**t. If you’re not teenage, think hard before emoticonning. If you’re over-30, think hard, then think hard again.

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