Thursday, 26 September 2013

Handy virtual managers to keep you on track.....

Good morning!

As a PA you will be well aware of the lovely 'to do' lists that we have in our day to day lives.

I have started to use an electronic version on my phone so that I do not miss anything.

Are  To-do lists are your bĂȘte noire and you just can’t get to the gym? Looks like you need a shot of willpower delivered through your smartphone. Here are five of the best virtual managers.



Miss Jones


CARROT works on the traditional carrot and stick format. Add tasks (silly or serious) to the app — succeed and you’ll get a virtual reward but miss a deadline and you’ll be shamed into submission. £1.49, IoS

Remember the Milk

A favourite of the highly organised, Remember the Milk has a classic to-do list format: input tasks, then check them off, creating “complete” and “incomplete” sub-lists. You can synch it up with your emails and calendar. Free, IoS and Android

Bill Assistant

Don’t live on the edge of house-wide blackout: Bill Assistant ensures you always pay up on time. Just input the details of all your bills and it will text you to remind you to pay. You can view your records on the go and ring your supplier directly from the app. 69p, IoS


Set targets for your gym attendance and a cash forfeit that you’ll shell out if you miss a session. If you meet your pact, you’ll get a (cash!) reward paid for by people in the Gympact network who missed theirs. Free, IoS and Android


Colour-code tasks, set deadlines and sub-tasks and assign priorities: this one is best for nerds. The cherry on top? Track your productivity with graphs derived from your to-do lists. Free, IoS and Android

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