Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Anti Ageing

Happy Wednesday!

I hope you are well, I have great news…

The days of spending hundreds of pounds a year on pots and tubes of lotions and potions may just be over ladies!

A team of scientist has pulled through for us and discovered S.pombe, an organism that never grows old! By continually reproducing in the right conditions this species of yeast microbe has evolved to keep youthful.

The envy of women everywhere S.pombe is immune to ageing…I’ll have some of that please!
Now I am no scientist but from my understanding, the biology bods at the University of Bristol describe the microbe as inheriting their fair share of old cell material meaning, technically the cells become younger.

This fantastic insight into staying young is not fully ready but when it is you can sign me up!

Enjoy your day!

Miss Jones xx

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