Tuesday, 27 August 2013

SOS for Holiday Hair

Happy Tuesday

I hope you had all had a wonderful Bank Holiday weekend.  If you went to the Carnival I hope you had a great time.

Why is it when we come back from our summer holidays the once gorgeous sun kissed locks on the beach has suddenly gone into straw like hair?  The gorgeous sun kissed highlights suddenly look very brassy?  It is all about translating holiday hair to back to normal hair (or home hair as I call it).

One of the best things that you can do is pop in to see your hairdresser and have a trim of any split ends that the sun may have caused.  We also forget that when we are on holiday we still have to look after our hair and put some protection on it.  There are some great hair protectors out there and all is takes is a couple of spritz's to keep it in good nick.

Leave the tongs, straightener and hair dryers at home.  Go for the natural look whilst on holiday and rough dry it.  All the heat from appliances and then sun the next day will just fry it... My hair fried last year.  I looked like Crystal Tips when I went out in the evening.  I learned that I cannot use straighteners on my hair in the heat.  So this year it is all natural and a lot of conditioner....

I have put in some suggestions below for you to have a look at that I found in an article and I know that I will be trying them on my hair when I come back from holiday.

I hope you enjoy them and do let me know what you think?


Miss Jones xx

UNITE Weekender Shampoo

This deep clarifying shampoo will help remove any holiday build-up from hair without stripping it of natural oils and, since it even cleanses the hair of chlorine, it’s a swimmer’s best friend. If you are bottle-blonde, pack to avoid going green. £12.80, urbanretreat.co.uk

The moisture replenisher:

Organic Systems Aqua Boost Treatment

Containing coconut, comfrey, chamomile and aloe, this natural at-home treatment will recondition your hair in no time. Apply to clean, towel-dried hair for five to 10 minutes once a week. It also contains sunflower oil, which helps protect hair from UV rays. Handy if you’ve been jammy enough to return to some sunshine. £11.95, organiccoloursystems.com

The treatment:

Wella SP Moisturizing Express Treatment

If you’ve touched down with seriously dry locks, then add this intensive in-salon treatment to any blowdry at Hob. It will deep-condition and knock out any annoying foreign frizz without weighing hair down. £5.50, hobsalons.com

The SPF saver

Redken’s Colour Extend Sun — Take Cover SPF 25

Coloured hair in particular is damaged by the sun, so save your shade with this lightweight conditioning mousse with SPF. Just apply evenly to damp or dry hair 30 minutes before exposure. £16, redken.co.uk

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