Thursday, 15 August 2013

Handy weather apps

I am one of those people who is always checking the weather.  Do I pack a brolly or not?  You never know in the UK.  We have had wonderful weather for the last month although the last few days have been a bit cooler and rainy. 

I recently downloaded the BBC weather app and it is really good and pretty accutrate.  The app that is built in on my iPhone changes constantly. At times it will be sunny and then changes very quickly.  

The Evening Standard published a great little list of weather apps which I have put in below. 

So now you know if you can have a barbecue in the evening or if you need to take a brolly with you! 

Happy weather watching.. 


Miss Jones 

London Weather

Precise information for each part of the city, with live webcams to show the conditions. Updated several times a day by expert meterologists.

Free for Android and iPhone

Yahoo! Weather

Beautiful photos of the weather in the part of London where you are. The animation of wind turbines is both pleasing to look at and informative.

Free for Android and iPhone


All the scientific, detailed predictions you could want from an app but the best thing about Swackett is the graphic of a stick person wearing weather-appropriate clothes, with the option of choosing different outfits for them. Also provides amusing meteorological trivia.

Free for Android and iPhone

Weather Dog

An animated dog makes forecasts fun, by reacting to what the weather will be.

Free for Android and iPhone


One for weather geeks. Comprehensive information on everything you could possibly want to know — including the hair frizz risk.

Free for Android and iPhone

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