Friday, 30 August 2013

Come on admit it, who isn't sleeping due to being on your internet!!!

Happy Friday everyone.... 

Hands up who took their phone to bed last night just to check Facebook, e mails and maybe wander around the web for a bit??  Am I seeing a lot of hands up? 

Well you are part of a nation who is ADDICTED to using the internet while in bed.  I have actually only just broken the habit of taking my laptop to bed and falling asleep to Law and Order Special Victims Unit on my Sky Go.  Don't judge me!!!!  I also now keep my mobile in my sitting room as I was finding the light would wake me up when I got a notification.  No internet is allowed in my bedroom now. 

Did you know that: 

Only 11% of Britons say they get good quality sleep
24% are 'addicted' to checking their emails in bed
21% say they do so as they are scared of 'missing out' - to me that is just plain wrong

Apparently the blue light emitted by screens mimics daylight and suppresses the brain's production of melatonin.  This is the chemical which helps us fall asleep.  Kind of essential in my opinion. 

More than 50 per cent of Britons go online when they are in bed and trying to sleep, a new survey has revealed. Only 11 per cent of the people questioned said they had good quality sleep which could, in part, be because 24 per cent of people are ‘addicted’ to checking their emails and social media when they are in bed. The survey also showed that 21 per cent of people go online when they are in bed because they are scared of ‘missing out’.

Some 24 per cent of people are 'addicted' to checking their emails and social media when they are in bed and the habit is causing sleepless nights
The study showed that people’s smartphone addictions also affect the rest of their day.
It revealed that 43 per cent of Britons use their smartphone while watching television, and that 18 per cent use an iPad while watching TV.

Dr Chris Idzikowski, Director of the Edinburgh Sleep Centre said: ‘As technology to keep us connected improves, we face a new battle with trying to switch off at night. 
'Never before in history have we faced such an overload of information, causing people in the UK to suffer from a rising tide of sleep problems.’ 
Research has previously shown that the blue light emitted by devices like smartphones and tablets can stop users from getting a good night’s sleep. 

The study, by Nytol, also revealed that 49 per cent of people go straight to bed after watching television, getting into bed less than 15 minutes after turning off the TV.

Dr Idzikowski added: ‘Sufferers should try and avoid using phones, laptops and other screen-based devices for at least an hour before bed. 

‘Sometimes this is unavoidable, which is when apps which adapt blue light to its surroundings or a temporary sleep aid can be beneficial.’

What I would love to know is when did we stop talking to each other?  Or even pick up a book (no not a kindle) a real book with pages and just read?  All we do now is kindle, Facebook, tweet, email.  We never switch off.  Maybe it is time to flick a switch and try it.  I don't think that we would miss very much to be totally honest. Go on see if you can survive without your internet, facebook, twitter or emails for a few nights.  

Can you? 

Have a great weekend. 


Miss Jones xx 

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