Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Mitch Winehouse live at the Hippodrome

Happy Tuesday.

I hope you are all well and you have all had a lovely bank holiday weekend.

On Sunday night I was invited to go and see Mitch Winehouse perform at the Hippodrome.  I know that a lot of you will not have realised that Mitch is a singer.  Mitch was a big influence on Amy Winehouse's singing career.  She grew up listening to Mitch perform and he was her favourite singer.

When we arrived we were shown to our table which was just in front of the stage. There was a 7 piece band and we were eager to hear Mitch sing.

Mitch came out and had a good chat with the audience and everyone was thrilled to see him.  Mitch started by singing a variation of songs from the 1950's and 1960's which suited his voice perfectly.  He was brilliant.  You can really see where Amy got her talent from.

Mitch had two female singers guesting with him who were also extremely good.  Mitch got lots of cheers and applause from the audience and everyone had a great night watching him. He is a real showman who interacts with the audience and really takes them on a journey.

The tickets were very reasonably priced at £25 and all proceeds went to the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

The Amy Winehouse Foundation has been set up in Amy’s memory to prevent the effects of drug and alcohol misuse on young people. We also aim to support, inform and inspire vulnerable and disadvantaged young people to help them reach their full potential.

Under this, their three core areas of focus are:

1. To inform and educate young people about the effects of drug & alcohol misuse and support those seeking help with their drug and alcohol related problems and those needing on-going support in their recovery

2. To provide support for those most vulnerable, those at high risk of misuse or disadvantaged through circumstance

3. To support the personal development of disadvantaged young people through music

It is the mission of the Foundation to assist as many of those affected as possible by supporting and funding identified and reputable charitable organisations that tirelessly carry out remarkable and professional work in these areas. The Amy Winehouse Foundation does not make grants to individual young people or families. This work not only makes a significant and positive difference for those it supports, but also pays tribute to Amy’s remarkable life, talent and beautiful spirit.

If you can get the chance to see Mitch Winehouse live then you really should take the time to go and see him.


Miss Jones xx

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