Thursday, 16 May 2013

Miss Jones visits Hamburg

I just felt like experiencing something different. So I booked my flight to Hamburg a couple of weeks ago. For those who don’t know this beautiful German city – it is one of the other big cities next to Munich and Berlin. And actually I cannot understand, why it isn’t that popular in the UK. All of my friends wanted me to go to Munich to try these typical sauerkraut and sausages…

After my arrival at the hotel, I was overwhelmed of my view over the Alster, a famous river in Hamburg. The weather was very nice, so I have decided to start my sightseeing trip. I would relax later the afternoon…

I walked along the river towards the so called ‘Landungsbrücken’, where you can see lots of boats you can do one of 100s different river cruises with. But I have decided to take one of these tasty typical ‘Fishbrötchen’ (fish sandwich) instead of probably not being very well on a boat.

Afterwards I was very thirsty… fish can be very salty. Luckily I just walked a few meters and found this incredible Beach Club – which is definitely missing in London – Hamburg as it is a town, doesn’t have a beach, but as I asked the owner and they just get all of the sand into this club. It was really worth it. If you are just looking for a holiday feeling this is the place to go. I decided to order a fresh fruit cocktail after all I was on a little break. 

Now, I wanted to see something more of Hamburg. Of course, I informed myself about Hamburg and so I knew that near my place is the ‘Michel’, a famous cathedral you can walk upstairs to the roof and have a great view over the whole city.

Finally, I just went back to my hotel. Thankfully they had their own restaurant offering tasty dishes.  After a great meal I fell tired and happy in my cosy king sized bed. 

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