Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Miss Jones goes to Babylon (not the Hanging Gardens)

Babylon restaurant at the Roof Gardens is a place to write home about (please excuse the pun).  

From the moment you arrive on the 7th floor you’ll be captivated by the spectacular view. For a long time I have really loved Babylon at the Roof Gardens.  It really is one of my favourite restaurants in London. The Roof Gardens is not a bad club either at the weekends although I think I am getting slightly passed the clubbing stage, especially when I find myself gazing at my watch and thinking about being on the sofa with a cuppa at 11pm... 

Babylon Restaurant 

Back to Babylon.  I would suggest this restaurant for lunch but more so for dinner.  You should order one of their signature cocktails at the bar as you enter, and take a moment to gaze out over London’s rooftops. Once you sit down you will be won over by their fabulous food, our unique style service, and those little touches that are sure to bring a smile to your face. It is also a great 'first date' venue. 

I love this amazing historical spot in London and whenever I want to get away from it I head up to Babylon and treat myself to a starter and a glass of wine.  The perfect place to while away the time whilst looking over London. 

I hope that you get the time to go and visit this wonderful restaurant. 


Miss Jones xx 

A beautiful view from Babylon Restaurant over the Roof Gardens 

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