Monday, 11 March 2013

One of the best roasts in London....

Happy Monday!

WOW, I am still recovering after a enormous roast dinner yesterday at the Ship Pub in Wandsworth.  As it was mothers day, I have been promising my mother for ages that I would take her for one of the best roasts in London.

Off we went at 11:30am (this place gets packed) and we did not have breakfast in anticipation of the 'super roast'.  It was freezing and waiting for the bus was a bit chilly.

We got to the pub and my mother got very excited as she spotted signs for a Cashmere retail shop outside.  I had to explain that the Cashmere retail shop was no more.  The smile started to turn at the corners a bit!!  Shopping and my mother go hand in hand!

A half cider for my mum and a Bloody Mary for me where ordered and the wait began.  It was like waiting for Selfridges to open on Sale Day.  There was a queue of mums with their families all waiting patiently.  My mother had wedged herself in a chair right by the door of the restaurant.  I always wondered where I got my 'get to the front of the queue' mentality from.  Now I know....

The doors opened and it was a mini stampede to get to the tables.  My mother was right at the front and got a lovely table for lunch.  Well done Mrs Jones!!

What I love about the Ship pub is that everything is home made, including the bread.  Yes, I did do the usual of eating lots of bread before my main meal!

The staff are lovely and so helpful and when the roasts arrived, my mothers eyes nearly popped out of her head.  The Yorkshire puddings are huge and you are automatically given a large portion. It is delicious. To prove it I have added a pic in below!!

It is a lot of eating and the most delicious roast.  Not quite on par with my mum's but delicious. 

We walked out well fed and walked home to walk off the roast...  Just the way that Sunday's are meant to be, especially Mothering Sunday. 

Lots of love

Miss Jones 

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