Wednesday, 6 February 2013

What do you like about your favourite local restaurant?

I have recently moved from one area of Fulham (after 13 years) to another area of Fulham.  This area is not totally new to me although the restaurants are.

I have spent many years eating in the same local restaurants and it is refreshing to have a change.  I ventured out for the first time last night to my new area and found a really charming little Italian.  I am not saying that the food was of Michelin standard but it was good Italian food.  My friend and I had a good chat and the ambience was relaxed and the staff charming.  It was a refreshing change to the bistro pubs I have become accustomed to.

How often do you step out into your local area to sample the restaurants or bars?  Do let us know as we would love to work with the restaurants and bars that are local to you. It is always good to spread your wings and we like to do that at Miss Jones.

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