Friday, 22 February 2013

Shoes – Form or Function?

There is no denying it…it is cold right now!  Which is why I was so surprised to see so many of the front row A-Listers at London Fashion Week bare legged and wearing open-toed shoes.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love a sassy statement pair of shoes without a sock in sight, but in this weather  displaying blue toes shivering in the cold, simply does not seem sexy – not matter how good the pedicure is…

We all know that toe cleavage is supposed to be as alluring as the other cleavage (and I don’t mean bum cleavage – that’s a whole different topic!), but I began wondering if maybe along with our trade deficit there was a deficit of sexy shoes in the shops that also served a purpose of keeping you marginally protected from the elements.  With this in mind, I turned to my trusty friend the internet to see what was available this spring and imagine my surprise…

Let’s start with the new Caroline Issa range from LK Bennett – definitely sassy, fun, eye-catching and can be worn with stockings whilst keeping your toes warm as we wait for the weather to improve!

Then there is Jimmy Choo – a vast selection of shoes for every occasion, including walking and keeping warm!  The iconic Jimmy Choo biker boot is even available in purple suede to ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

Even Christian Louboutin, whose gargantuan heels give us a different perspective on the world, has a twist on the classic Mary Jane style whilst still offering protection from the elements!

The debate continues as to whether it is considered cool to wear trainers to work and then change into towering heels – personally I feel it is suicidal to try and navigate the train in the morning in anything other than flat pumps, it is bad enough being flung across a carriage but even worse when your heels, which fabulously complete your outfit, get wedged in a crack in the floor and send you flying in front of a packed carriage.  Miss Jones is a firm believer in travelling in comfort and saving her heels for the office and meetings, if anyone judges her for that, well at least she will be able to outrun them!


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