Sunday, 24 February 2013

Miss Jones lets her hair down with One Direction at the 02..

Last night was one to tick off the bucket list. I put on my glad rags and headed off to the O2 Arena to see the biggest boy and in the world One Direction on their Take Me Home world tour. It was clear to see from the moment of arrival that I was in the minority. 

The O2 was filled with 20,000 girls aged 14-16 with painted faces, 1D memorabilia and sparkly banners. I had two choices, try and blend in and act like a teen or pretend to be one of the mothers who you could occasionally spot dutifully herding her girls through the crowds. I opted for the latter and put on my sensible hat: queue for the loo, no time for a drink, take our seats. 

Although we were in the heavens we had a good view of the stage and the screens. Within minutes of sitting down the young girl next to me had introduced herself and expressed her excitement for the show. I started to feel more comfortable, I had been accepted as one of them. In fact you could instantly feel a connection with all of the people packed tightly into the arena, we were all there with the same love for these five young boys and their music. And that felt nice. 

After the two support acts (an American girl who looked like Taylor Swift but was awful, and a band called Five Seconds of Summer who did alright) the arena was filled with anticipation. As soon as the lights went down the screams rang loud and before I knew it I was on my feet as the five boys jumped on stage with the rest of the screaming fans. And I remained that way for the entire two hour concert dancing, singing (badly), waving my arms, screaming and shouting. 

The show itself was pretty amazing; the boys sang a huge range of songs from both their old album and new. And they sang them live and very well! The staging was exciting they had the full works, smoke, balloons, confetti, fire and different graphics in the background for each of the songs. But what was most enjoyable was their interaction with the crowd and their genuine excitement and happiness to be performing to us. 

So for one night I let the hormonal, trendy, energetic teenager inside me come forth and let her hair down. And boy did it feel good. 


Miss Jones xx

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