Wednesday, 20 February 2013

'I am battling anxiety': Former EastEnder star Samantha Womack reveals her secret mental health issues and why she turned down Britain's Got Talent

She is best known as tormented Ronnie Mitchell in EastEnders but actress Samantha Womack has revealed she is battling anxiety after her father's tragic death.

The 40-year-old actress, who is currently starring in a play called Hope, admitted in the last two years she has suffered from a crippling panic disorder but is gradually learning how to cope.

Mother-of-two Samantha also sensationally revealed Simon Cowell was chasing her to appear as one of the judges in Britain's Got Talent and even flew her out to his mansion in LA to discuss the matter.

Although the seasoned musical theatre actress turned the job down she said the pampering by Simon's people was 'absolutely charming.'

Speaking to New! magazine Samantha, mother to Ben, 12 and seven-year-old Lily-Rose, said: 'I really battle with anxiety a lot. It started about two years ago - it comes and goes.
'It's a really strange thing. It's not based on any one specific thing, but I think it's more to do with when you get older, you consider everything much more.

'There's an arrogance of youth. Some days I can cope with it and other days I find it quite difficult.

'But what I do now is let people know that's the state I'm in rather than pretend I'm not.'
Samantha, who is married to actor Mark Womack, added she finds it hard to do both motherhood and acting well.

'It's very hard... Lily wants to be around Mummy a lot, which is great, so she comes to rehearsals. Mark's mum is a teacher so she brings books over for Lily and tutors her.
'We don't have a nanny, we try and juggle it.'

On her BGT appointment Samantha revealed Simon flew her out to LA but it just didn't work out. 'Simon said he liked my career over the years and thought I was very honest and straightforward.

'I'd been working very hard that month and to have a flight over, be treated very well and be looked after by him, it was a really lovely couple of days.'
And Samantha has not ruled out a return to EastEnders - saying she misses it.

'I miss the cast so much. I see Scott Maslen [Jack Branning] the most.'

By Lucy Buckland at Daily Mail Online 

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