Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Cutting it at Kell Skott

I must admit that whenever the Miss Jones, Beauty Expert, Nadira Make Up Mistress recommends a beauty destination my fingers are ready to pad out the digits with gusto, especially when she utters the words, ‘its an exceptional salon experience, not to be missed’. 

I booked a hair treatment and cut without hesitation so when the day finally arrived, the anticipation was almost too much, my mane needed some urgent attention from this haircare haven, Kell Skott Haircare  in the heart of Notting Hill; a welcoming stylish salon nestled in an unexpected cobbled mews named, Lambton Place, hidden behind the trendy bustle of Westbourne Grove and on first impressions, a salon steeped with only the best display of skin and haircare brands, REN and Sebastian no less.

Both Kell Skott’s Senior Stylist, Alex and I agreed my crown and glory should nod towards a more laid back style with length.  Yes, I’d have to go through growing pains but as Alex explained its the only way for me to go ‘straightener-free’ when my tresses have a natural wave.  I loved the Kell Skott approach of insisting on a thorough consultation; from start to finish there wasn’t a barrage of ‘yeah, yeah, yeah’ and ‘I know what you need’.  On the contrary, I was encouraged to discuss my daily routine and lifestyle as well as how much time and effort I had to put into my hairstyle.  How reassuring is that?   It certainly makes sense as I was in need of a ‘style to go’ for my fast paced life!

Whilst sipping a cappuccino and nibbling on Mr Skott’s homemade cake, I sat crowned in the Micro Mist system , a state of the art Japanese conditioning treatment to help repair and rejuvenate colour treated hair and “my oh my”, it was as if my hair had never been chemically enhanced; lustre and hydration was back.   After admiring my super smooth locks, THE haircut got underway!

I couldn’t have enjoyed the experience more, even as I watched the snips and chipping motion of scissors I felt so content as I could feel the bulk being removed and a modern cut taking shape.

What more is there to love about Kell Skott Haircare?    

Not only can you pack in all your treatments into one appointment in plenty of safe hands, you can leave party ready by Nadira Make Up Mistress herself, who was in situ putting a client through their paces with her bespoke make up sessions especially designed for KSH clients.

I walked away with a beaming smile; it had been 'exceptional' with such friendly staff (who know a thing or more about hair) and not forgetting the official Salon Welcoming Directors, Max and Blue, Kell and wife, Jacqueline Skott’s dogs.  And my new style?
The haircolour appointment has been booked and if there is one thing about mid-length hair or hair in general is if it lacks swish, its not cutting it.  Well, let’s just say I have my swish back!

Kell Skott Haircare, 2 – 4, Lambton Place, London, W11 2SH and 93, Goldbourne Road, London, W10 5NL


Miss Jones xx