Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Upper Street - Design your dream shoes.....

Just before Christmas, Santa came early in the form of Upper Street.  I danced around the Miss Jones office as I had the chance to design my OWN shoes.  How often do we dream of that!!

What an experience it was.  I sat down with a cuppa and and started the process of designing my shoes.  I was not sure what I wanted and this is where Upper Street is genius. 

You go through the process of picking the size, style, flat, ballerina, court etc and then you go onto the heel size and then the fun begins.  Reaching the stage where you choose your colours, leathers, embellishment etc is like being 5 years old again and in a sweet shop.  I sat clicking away and watching my shoes take shape.  I was getting rather Christian Louboutin'esque!! I settled on my design, leather and colour.  All I had to was fill in my details etc and hit return.  My design was off. 

We always feel slightly deflated after Christmas although I had something to look forward to.  My new shoes.  The courier arrived with my shoes on the 28th of December.  

I ripped off the delivery envelope and there was the Upper Street box with the lovely pink ribbon around it.  I pulled the exquisite pink ribbon and off it came and I lifted off the lid.  A gorgeous handwritten note was inside from Alison at Upper Street letting me know the style I had designed comes up very slightly larger so they took my shoe size down by one size.  If I needed any alteration Upper Street would do that free of charge to make sure that the shoes fitted perfectly.  It was so nice to see a hand written note.  A rarity these days. 

As I unwrapped the tissue from my shoes I was so excited.  Then I saw the leather peeping thorough.  I pulled out my stunning shoes.  They were amazing, better than I ever imagined. I slipped them on my feet and they fitted like gloves.  I started strutting my stuff up and down my hallway in my new shoes.  I received admiring glances from my mother who wanted to try them on.  To this day no one has tried them on apart from me....  

Once I had regained composure from the excitement of my new shoes I went back to the box.  I got more surprises.  Upper Street are clever bunnies.  They had put in gel pads, a beautiful velvet shoe bag, key ring and a stunning booklet about Upper Street.  It was a shoe box unlike any other.  It was a shoe box that kept on giving

Upper Street is a must for me.  I guarantee you will be hooked.  Start dropping hints for a gift voucher towards a pair of shoes for your birthday, Christmas etc. 

I have put in a picture below of THE shoes:

This will be the best couple of hours that you could spend.  It was such a wonderful experience and one I cannot stop telling everyone about and showing everyone my gorgeous new shoes.  You should have a look as soon as you can at  http://www.upperstreet.com. Their customer service is second to none. 

Now here comes the clever bit.  You can design on the move.  Upper Street has an iPad app. Check them out on iTunes and download the app.  I am always creating my shoes and saving them in my profile on Upper Street. 

Enjoy ladies and please do send me pics of any of the shoes that you buy through Upper Street.  As always mention Miss Jones when ordering. 

Lots of love

Miss Jones xx 

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