Monday, 21 May 2012

The Rib Room, London

It was on my birthday that I found out I had won a dinner for two to the Rib Room. I was sitting in a travel summit at our World Headquarters in Portland, Oregon where I cheekily checked my emails and there it sat. In my inbox. This little gem of a prize. 2 weeks later and it was activated. I had arranged a staycation in London for my boyfriend and I where we would live like movie stars sleeping, dining, drinking and entertaining ourselves at some of the capital’s hot spots, culminating at the Rib Room on the final night. The Pièce de résistance?  I’d say so!

We arrived in the rain, as so many great London night’s out are started. We clip clopped across the marble hall and presented ourselves at reception.  The interior itself is quite statuesque; it reminded me of being on Titanic. (I’m not 130 years old but I’ve seen enough recollections, memoirs and documentaries lately on TV to have a pretty good feel on what it must’ve looked like). The marble bar, mirrored walls and velvet couches was very 20’s. It felt quite old fashioned, but that was all part of its charm. Most of the clientele were slightly older; it definitely felt like it was aimed at the 50-somethings with a few spare pennies. However I cannot fault the experience, food or service. We enjoyed playing the refined, stately couple which is a far cry from our local on a Friday night! So the food, that’s the good bit right? It was amazing. AMAZING! We had the stilton and pear salad with honey cubes to start; and oysters with a shot of bloody Mary. Absolutely delicious! I’m now salivating at the memory. Mmmmmmm. For mains we had meat. Obvs. Did they deliver – wow, it was fantastic. Some of the best steak we have ever had. Steve had the signature Angus steak which was buttery soft, with a side of spinach and shallots; while I had the fillet steak with personalised potatoes. If your party are carnivorous then the meat does not disappoint. Truly sublime! One of the great touches was the sommelier with her iPad of wine varieties giving you the opportunity to look (at length if need be) at what goes well with what, regions, grapes etc. By dessert time we were stuffed.  Quite. Literally. Despite this a tablet of different complimentary choccies were placed on our table for perusal. As full as I was space was found – I’m still a woman after all!. One of the remarkable things about the Rib Room was the impressive service. Our glasses were never half-full and undoubtedly the most attentive of any waiting staff I have known. If you are looking for a great little restaurant for a director/VIP then this is the place. Comfortable, friendly and fantastic food. Price wise our bill would cost around the £200 mark for starters, mains, wine, water and service. I would have been happy to pay even without the voucher. In fact I think I’m off to make my next reservation now…

Alicia Neveling, Converse Office Manager

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