Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Where has the time gone......

Where did the time go? Where did September go? I wore so many hats during the last month that I ran out of time to write! Then summer came back which confused me and I thought it was August again….

And now as I find myself on my sixth hour of waiting for Virgin Media to turn up at a client’s home I’ll use it as an opportunity for a catch up (time management I believe that comes under….) and relive the last month. It all started with a fabulous stay at Sanctum Soho hotel, it’s slam bang in the middle of the west end, easy access to everywhere you want to be and a super cool hotel at that with fabulous d├ęcor, great size rooms and really stylish bathrooms. I went to see Ghost The Musical too *sobs * was brilliant, so, so clever how they did all the effects on stage, fantastic cast and score, must put the CD on my to do list.

Feeling smug and ahead of the game I’ve gone and ordered my sandals from by Larin for next year, it’s a great treat to be allowed to pre-order for the next season but downside, by the time the next season arrives you’ve no idea what you ordered six months prior, however, thankfully there is always a friend to hand to help out if I’ve ordered a wardrobe blunder (easy to do in my excitement!).

And now the time has come that I have to wear reading glasses, yep, old age is setting in… I do have ‘play’ glasses that I like to wear to confuse people ‘oh, I didn’t know you wore glasses’ and usually wear them on a bad hair day to try and distract from the frizz, but now I have a valid reason and it’s really tricky… I have to keep taking them on and off to read/not to read, keep leaving them lying around, sitting on them, there’s a whole new world out there that I am discovering!

Work stuff has been great fun last month (day job and extra-curricular); I was an extra on a movie, took part on a panel for a PA Q+A at the Office* show at Earl’s Court, ran a seminar for Presenters at Spotlight and went back to QVC for the Autumn season (so glad I wasn’t on during the 90 degree crazy weather, not so good for knitwear sales!). I spent an evening at the Royal Garden Hotel Kensington, no idea why I hadn’t been there before when it’s so accessible…also had a great night at the Corinthia hotel – all new and sparkly hosted by Air New Zealand (another great flight option to consider when booking for clients). But when am I going to get to go to Westfield Stratford City???

Have a great week,


Miss Jones x

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