Monday, 18 July 2011


When I was thinking up a title for this blog the words sheer bliss, relaxation, de stress etc all came into my mind. These are just some of the words for QMS Medicosmetics who are based just off Sloane Square in London.

As you all know I went to New York a few weeks ago and thanks to the most amazing facial, I went looking refreshed and younger.

I was booked in for the Collagen facial which is for 90 minutes. This facial is an instantly effective nurturing treatment developed to revitalize and regenerate stressed and damaged skin while stabilizing its functions. Natural Soluble Collagens return the skin to a youthful and healthy state by increasing collagen levels. It is pure magic.

When I arrived I was greeted by a lovely receptionist and then taken to the treatment room.

My therapist arrived and started talking me through the facial and what she would be doing. First came the little cotton wool pads in soaked in water which were placed on my eyes while she looked at my skin with a very bright light. As I live in London, I was a bit concerned as to what she would say. I was pleasantly surprised. My therapist told me that my skin was in good condition and that all she had to do was take out some little spots (we all have them!) and that the area around my eyes etc was slightly dehydrated. All of it could be sorted which was a relief.

The magic then started. I lay back and closed my eyes and started to relax. The cleansing started followed by exfoliation and then masks. I even fell asleep for about 10 minutes. My therapist then told me that she was going to make an algae mask of my face and that would show up any areas that really needed looking at. I would see the results at the end of the facial. After the algae mask came the most amazing part of the facial Oxygen!

Oxygen, I hear you say! Well the improved oxygen supply encourages circulation and stimulates a regenerative process. Your skin is given that all important boost of oxygen that is does need from time to time. It felt amazing.

I am now well and truly hooked on QMS Medicosmetics as the skincare is out of this world.

Since launching QMS Medicosmetics with the now iconic Classic Collagen set, Dr. med. Erich Schulte has developed some of the most groundbreaking advances in skincare. The result is a unique collection of innovative skincare and facial treatments that has been designed for maximum effectiveness.

Dr. Schulte’s philosophy is not to create an infinite number of interchangeable products, but to offer a selective collection that grows organically through his pioneering research. To Dr. Schulte effective skincare should be accessible to everyone. We do have to look after our skin.

The last thing that I have to say is when we looked at my algae mask the only thing was the small lines around my eyes. I was really shocked and amazed at what this mask can tell you. I am hooked.

I left the salon walking on air and when I went into my next meeting my client thought I looked 5 years younger. Now that is a result.

To have a look at all the treatments etc at QMS Medicosmetics you must visit

I promise you that your skin will thank you for it.

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