Tuesday, 24 May 2011

A Sample of Searcy's..

There’s a wonderful symmetry; 180m high. 360 degree view. The glass flows as an infinity pool would, dripping into the concrete of the city, 40 floors below. On this particular day we have been blessed once again with glorious sunshine; there’s no uncomfortable glare thanks to the slight tint of the windows, and no stifling heat thanks to the perfectly maintained air temperature. The 40 30 bar that rests in the famous peak has been expertly decorated; simple yet stylish, thus remaining sensitive to the panoramic scenes of London’s skyline, and, of course, well lit due to the uninhibited natural light. In the evening, experiencing the transition of day to night is enough in itself to warrant becoming a member, however, the 40 30 restaurant, located just below the bar, would exceed expectations even in a dark, windowless room. Small, complimentary ‘favours’, such as macaroons, marshmallows and fruit jellies, all home-made, sit delicately upon a table awaiting diners to help themselves, while the omni-helpful staff see to your parched palates and grumbling stomachs, serving up exquisite platters of gourmet food.

On the 38th floor, the members lounge is nestled at the end of the viewing platform, and furnished with chintzy chairs to understated sofas; yet all decor remains subtle and warming while maintaining a polished look. The hospitality, for me, is the focus, and the statement that one should ask for anything they might desire in life is not just an exaggerated whim. Located on the same floor are the perfectly presented yet practical meeting rooms. In the larger of the rooms 16 can be seated, or 25 stood, quite comfortably while staff subtly serve refreshments at the members’ discretion. Searcy’s have done well to balance the needs of their corporate clientele while also pandering to the slight hedonistic fancies that most of us employ. It’s exclusive yet welcoming – and becoming a member is a must.

So, exclusively for Miss Jones Members, Searcy’s have agreed to give away a free bottle of Champagne in the month of August to anyone who signs up their boss, or business associates, in the months of June, July and August. They have also kindly agreed that any PA who signs up a new member through Miss Jones can bring three of their friends along to the top of the Gherkin to enjoy the complimentary Champagne. Details will be in the next monthly newsletter, and will be on the website.


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