Friday, 13 May 2011

Longest Week??

After anticipating the looooooongest week for some time it has all turned out to be A-OK after all. Not to sound like the eternal pessimist but if you go in with extremely low expectations things can only get better, optimistic top tip, kind of…

I feel as though I’ve drunk about 45 lattes during the week through either work meetings or coffee shop stop-offs with friends, everyone seems to be back in town with lots to catch up on. I had a great dinner at Vapiano on Great Portland Street with a friend; pizza, pasta, desserts and a bar, what more do you need?

You’re issued with a credit type card on arrival and then you load on to it what you order then pay at the end. Everything is made fresh and you’re given a beeper that tells you when your food is cooked, the Margherita pizza was delicious and the pasta choice is incredible, I can definitely recommend it as the best place for a carb overload! Of course, I was the one working extra hard at Zumba the following night to ‘shake’ it off, but sooooo worth it.

I spent Wednesday tempting fate by wearing white jeans ALL DAY, am I crazy you may ask. I figured Liz Hurley manages to do it so why can’t Miss Jones? I went back to the Nicky Clarke salon for an amazing blow dry with Ava (so fast I didn’t even get time to finish my US Weekly, although our chatting could also have contributed….!), I felt glamorous, glossy and swishy (and the jeans were still white), she then whisked me downstairs to Kully’s Upper Echelon for a ‘mini face-lift’.

Don’t be alarmed, Miss J hasn’t succumbed to the knife just yet…Kully is the Master (or Mistress) of all things threaded and with her expert eye she looked over my (tragically unkempt) eyebrows and speedily threaded them into shape. Literally within minutes my brows were transformed and the hands that have threaded the uber A-list have now sculpted mine, a huge difference, never again will I believe that my random plucking will suffice… (fyi, the jeans were clean until around 3pm, I don’t know how Liz does it…)

Yesterday in-between looking over a client’s house refurb (wedges, wolford footless tights and an All Saints dress is NOT suitable attire for attending a building site for future reference….) I managed to look in at Lulu Guinness’s luggage launch at the W Hotel.

Once I’d found my way in (and that’s another story) I got to stroke and try out the brilliantly Lulu designed Pelham cases; they’re shiny, they’re incredibly lightweight, they have 4 skater wheels (so none of that trying to keep your case upright as it swings around behind you) and they have the Lulu iconic lips all over them, just brilliant. Sadly not available until August so Miss Jones’ next New York trip (oh didn’t I tell you…) in June will have to make do without.

And I found time to make myself look a genius this week by fixing a client’s printer, okay, it mostly involved a new ink cartridge but shhhhhh!

Have a great weekend,


Miss Jones x

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