Monday, 9 May 2011

Back to full weeks .....

Ouch, the long weeks are back! Hasn’t it been heavenly the last few weeks with working 3-4 days, and you just know that everyone is going to be in such a bad mood by Thursday don’t you?

It’s the same feeling you get when you go on holiday and get used to the late nights and late mornings then all of sudden you’re back into the old routine, however, we only have to work three weeks before we get another short week, hooray.

I do feel as though I did go on holiday (I didn’t), with all the Royal Wedding celebrations and amazing weather we’ve had it’s very easy to forget there has been work in between it all.

I had a divine dinner pre-Royal wedding at the Deville Restaurant in The Mandeville Hotel We really were treated like Royalty; delicious champagne and wines, a fantastic set menu at a very reasonable price with extremely fabulous food; Provencal soup, Spinach Tortellini then a decadent (but necessary!) pavlova with fresh fruit. Great friendly staff that made us feel as though we could have stayed all night, all I needed was a nudge and I probably would have, a stones throw from Selfridges too, what’s not to love??

And I loved, loved the Royal Wedding, sobbed all the way through the ceremony then ventured out afterwards in search of a street party teary-eyed and clutching my Vueve Clicquot and a hanky to see the streets were reminiscent of a ghost town. Of course, I hadn’t quite realised that the street parties were ‘during’ the proceedings and not after, thankfully, all was not lost as it was then discovered that all the stores were open and full of ‘Royal Wedding’ discounts, hurrah for Wills and Kate ‘clinks glass’.

With the weather being unusually fantastic at the moment (and all my clients thankfully enjoying it too leaving me to entertain myself) I took myself away to the seaside. Broadstairs to be precise where there is the most amazingly fine sand, a Morelli’s Ice-Cream shop and about a million families (….?!).

You can always spot a city girl on a beach though can’t you? We always wear beach unfriendly shoes (Wedge Espadrilles) and although we try to ‘throw something on’ in a relaxed beach attire way, we will have used Lancome Flash bronzer and still need the Lulu Guinness Bonnie Basket to carry our bottle of Evian, plus spritzing spray, bag of almonds and a Clinique chubby stick lip gloss (Chunky Cherry if you need to know). You can take the girl out of the city….

Have a great week,


Miss Jones x

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