Tuesday, 29 March 2011

YAY for Spring......

Yay for spring, ‘sun salutation’ et al, it’s arrived, it’s sprung so let’s embrace it. Time to finally take off the socks and black opaque tights and think pedicures (always a shock to be greeted by the ‘winter feet’ isn’t it?) and self-tan.

I spent last week exfoliating and moisturizing my skin in readiness for the St Tropez Everyday Gradual Mousse application (alarmingly that my skin seems to have taken on the texture of a lizard over the winter months and is lapping up Origins Perfect World moisturiser like there’s no tomorrow), however, I was never blessed with the self tan magic and am queen of the streak… although St Tropez is pretty fool-proof (even for me), I will confess it has taken me a few nights to finally manage to get my legs to be all the same hue of golden… but frustratingly it’s just not quite warm enough out there to show anyone, so I’m opting for the footless opaque tights instead and introducing my legs an inch at a time, currently at ‘ankle’… even more exasperating is that I have THE most amazing pair of Penelope Chilvers Mary Jane Wedges looking at me all sorrowful until I feel warm enough to wear them!

I went to a great event last week at the new Diptyque store on Brook Street; so shiny, so many mirrors, (possibly too many macaroons eaten!) so many things to knock off the shelves… and as I was wearing a floaty knee length dress I very nearly went up in flames (albeit I hope I would be remembered for smelling fabulous), we were introduced to their new 34 boulevard Saint Germain collection, which is another delicious fragrance combination for men and women, and how thrilled to find one in the goody bag, I have smelt divine ever since.

It was also time to take off my lash extensions, three months of waking up with Hollywood style eyelashes and now I’m back to my own unglamorous ones and 2 layers of mascara, although tomorrow I’m going to find out about Mylash, the serum that helps your lashes grow, watch this space or watch out for the girl about town fluttering her eyelashes everywhere she goes…

Have a great week,


Miss Jones x

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