Friday, 4 February 2011



My trousers are so uncomfortable. They are digging in in all the wrong places. I have a muffin top exaggerated to a fully blown Lola birthday cake size cupcake; I’m mortified, where did all the extra pounds come from? Can it be the weekly visit to CafĂ© Emm a lentil burger pit stop (I do go ‘without bun’ after all….) but maybe I should substitute those delicious REAL chips with salad, ugh…. Black clouds are forming above my usual sunny demeanor.

Low carb websites are taking a hammering via Google; from Monday I will take control and take a packed lunch… but it can be so difficult as I get some lovely invitations to lunch and dinner not only with friends but also from restaurants who would love my clients to dine there. Would it be churlish to turn down their kind offer when in effect my eating there makes me a much better PA whilst building up ‘dining’ contacts in my little black book? Dilemma…. A waist or efficiency, tricky…

February already and the first week of the month is always a favourite for me as it’s NEW MAGAZINE week! All those fabulous thick glossies that haven’t yet been thumbed through featuring gorgeous photo shoots in sunny climes and spring/summer outfits to covet, all feeding into my must have/must buy list.

With having great clients with immaculate taste I sometimes find it hard to step away from my work/fantasy life into my real life. As I find myself constantly surrounded by fabulous homes, dream holiday destinations, shopping trips out of my budget and breath-taking skincare/dental/hair/fitness regimes, it can be a reality check when I come home at the end of the day and remember that my life is mine and not theirs and possibly my teeth whitening appointment isn’t so urgent, neither the endless hours of research for Necker Island which I’m not visiting anytime soon?

This week I have been on the search for the most perfect Ipad case. Not surprisingly I found myself pressed up against the windows of Smythson, when I finally peeled my face off and went inside I found the most beautiful, magenta calfskin case and oh, it has an IPhone cover, key ring and camera case to match. So soft, elegant and stylish, and would fit seamlessly into my Lulu Guinness black patent Elouise tote bag...

However, I don’t have an Ipad either.

If you do need a laugh out loud moment and didn’t see this at Christmas, it’s the One Ronnie ‘My Blackberry is not working’ Sketch, three minutes of brilliance;

Have a great week


Miss Jonesx

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