Monday, 21 February 2011

Awards season......

Awards season is in full flow and I’ve spent the past few weeks packing and unpacking I don’t know how many designer dresses and towering heels; putting handbags in and out of dust bags and cooing over beautiful jewels.

This Sunday will be the climax with the Academy Awards and then normality will reign once more in the guise of car servicing, dry-cleaning, roof repairs and whatever else lands in my lap that helps to keep the cogs turning of my clients.

I love exciting times like this, running around in my Bloch brogues (black and white if you wanted to know) from one PR to the next, stopping to re-fuel on a pret sandwich (PR’s are generous with their coffee but there is only so much I can drink without greeting the next one with shaky hands…). Emailing frantically en route while my blackberry is practically alight to try and get other options lined up.

It doesn’t help with several other award shows in between; Elle Style, The Brits, London Fashion Week, etc, when other celebrities needs clothes and accessories to borrow (and of course no-one can be seen in something that has already be worn, DISASTER), but it has all gone remarkably well with not too many hic-cups along the way.

Fortnum and Mason ice cream parlour has been a godsend; convenient location, spacious, great coffee, sandwiches and of course THE most deliciously decadent ice-cream selection… I highly recommend it for a stop off point while you’re on the run.

Also, a word to the people that make these awards; I realise they are not to be taken lightly and it is a huge honour to win one and you want it to be substantial, but LITERALLY I have never carried something so heavy in my life (apart from the many suitcases I’ve currently been packing of course).

Seriously, I take less weight in luggage on holiday than one of these trophies weigh. Have the powers that be not even considered the size of some of the actresses in the industry?! And they are expected to carry them around with them for the rest of the evening for all the press pictures in said skyscraper heels.

Thank goodness for people like us I say!

Have a great week,


Miss Jones x

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