Sunday, 30 January 2011

Goodbye to January

January is such a tricky month for me I never know what to wear!!

As soon as we’re over the New Year celebrations I’m ready to pack away the festive frocks and move towards the spring fashions but you try going out there to buy something new.

I sharpened my elbows, rummaged past the sale racks for something not in a neutral hue, I wanted to bust out the electric blues, spring whites, wide trousers and longer skirts all featured in those lovely Jan/Feb magazines with ‘catwalk supplements’, but alas, too previous. Then of course the weather turned and I’m now back in the emu boots that I’d thought I’d seen the back of and cashmere layering. (I was also hoping to embark on the low carb diet but any temperature below 5c makes we want to eat mash 24/7 so I guess I’ll wait ‘til Spring for that).

As a PA to several people I don’t have a uniform but I always try to dress in a way that can adapt to crawling through a loft/picking up event dresses from a PR/taking the car to the garage and maybe meeting a friend for lunch or out after work, not an easy feat but it helps to keep a quick change outfit in the boot of the car…

Monday I was invited to an event at the Mayfair Hotel held in their penthouse suite; featuring two bathrooms and a revolving bed (strangely made me want to re-enact Les Miserables), it was a fabulous suite and they served amazing canapés, especially the toffee cherry apples, also had a great hand massage courtesy of a beautician from the spa downstairs.

On Tuesday the nominations for the Academy Awards came out, very exciting as one of my clients was nominated so a lot of yelping and then sudden panic over frocks, shoes, jewels, hair. I now have a major busy period from now until the end of February, thankfully the hob ignition problem another client had was remedied by switching on the ‘hob ignition’ switch over the cooker and didn’t involve anything too time-consuming… phew.

I also managed to get seats for King Lear at the Donmar, it finishes February 5th, if you haven’t been yet then I recommend camping out next to the box office (or befriending someone in the box office) to get a return, Derek Jacobi is unbelievably clever, he makes Shakespeare sound like everyday language, I slept through the show when I saw it years ago, a whole new experience this time around and not a snore to be had.

Keep an eye out on the blog this week as we are putting up the Valentine's Day offers and competition for the month. Fingers on the mouse and ready, steady, click!

Have a great week.


Miss Jones x

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